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This program was sponsored by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan R.O.C. , and carried out by National 4-H Club Association, R.O.C.

Taipei City is the best ecology, food and agriculture education field. It has pretty paddy and planting some dragon fruit and water bamboo by farmers themselves. Observing, DIY and sharing the inspirational story that organic rice champion how to find the success from the fail.   11/26 (Sunday)8:00-17:00 Charge: 200 dollars / person (Including lunch,…

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※Recommended operating by using computer,8G ram or above, updating your browser to the latest version.


How to play:

  1. Clicking the button above the aqueduct to increase or decrease water supply.
  2. Farmland at the normal water level “maximum storage capacity of 25% to 90%” produce positive incomes of agriculture, the water level less than 25% or more than 90% is agricultural negative income.
  3. The factory water storage greater than the water level is industrial positive income, on the contrary negative income.
  4. When the water volume is greater than the capacity of water conservancy facilities, there will be a waste of water.
  5. A few water of uncertainty consumption or increase caused by weather.
  6. The establishment of time to statistics of the overall system of agricultural income, industrial income, waste water and other statistics, and evaluation of the results.


How to play:

  1. There are simple agricultural knowledge at begginning, be sure to read completed before enter ths game.
  2. The game time has 60 seconds.
  3. During the game, the successful harvesting of hand rice needs to be completed in two steps: “cut” and “throw away”.
  4. During the game, there will be obstacles, obstacles for earthworms, stones, when players hit the earthworms, the time will be increased two seconds, on the contrary, hit the stone, the time will be reduced by two seconds.


How to play:

  1. There are simple agricultural knowledge at begginning, be sure to read completed before enter ths game.
  2. The game time has 60 seconds.
  3. If you operating by computer version, you can use the mouse to switch around, if you using the phone version, you can manually slide the harvester left and right position.
  4. There will be obstacles in the game.There are scarecrows and branches in the obstacles. When you encounter a scarecrow, the time will be increased two seconds. If you run into the branches, the time will be reduced by two seconds.
  5. When the game goes to 30 seconds, the speed will be accelerate to increase excitement of the game。
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Paddy Table Game

Paddy Field Operations

Number of players:2~4 Player game

Goal of the game:在最短時間完成水田種植階段,完成你的農業帝國!

Card Description:

  • Character cards(Blue):數種適合在水田生長的農作物,各有其生存武器。
  • Function cards:分成麻吉好朋友、討厭朋友、水田成長組合卡三種類型。
    • Machi friends(Green):農田好夥伴,多為幫助與保護玩家的功用。
    • Hate friends(Orange):田中越少越好,用來攻擊其他玩家,阻礙水田成長。
    • Paddy field growth combination cards(Gray):水田成長步驟分成四個階段。
      • 第一階段:犁田+曳引機
      • 第二階段:湛水+水車
      • 第三階段:插秧+插秧機
      • 第四階段:收割+聯合收穫機

Preaparation Step:

  1. 發給每位玩家一張水田板,並將角色卡,和功能卡分開洗牌,並分開放置。
  2. 將洗好牌的功能卡,牌面朝下放置成一疊,成牌堆。
  3. 可由猜拳方式決定哪位玩家先開始,抽取一張角色卡,並決定以順或逆時針方式進行遊戲,將多的角色卡收起來。
  4. 遊戲開始前,每位玩家從功能卡牌堆中抽出三張作為手牌。


  1. 遊戲中的一回合以下一次再輪到同一位玩家為一回合。
  2. 每回合開始玩家從牌堆中抽出三張加入手牌,每次出牌不限次數,可進行攻擊或保護玩家本身,結束回何時手排不能超過六張,多餘的牌需捨棄丟出。
  3. 當功能牌堆被抽完時,請將已使用過的卡片重新洗牌使用。
  4. 水田成長步驟需依序搭配完成階段,率先完成四個階段獲勝。
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Paddy Farm Tools

※In order to rotate the screen 360-degree,we recommend using the phone to watch.



An important source of power for agriculture today, the driving force behind agricultural tools for walking on the soil, and the promotion of various related tools.



Crops can be harvested, threshing action solving together, without separate treatment.



Management of weed is an important part of the success of rice cultivation. Mechanical weeding can improve the working efficiency of farmers by 4 times. That is worth recommending one of the methods of weeding in paddy fields, especially the field weeding in rice organic cultivation.



One of the ancient farm tools, the role is lead the downstream water to a high place, for paddy fields for irrigation purposes.

Water Pump


A machine specially designed for irrigation in paddy fields that delivers different levels of water.

Rice Transplanter


In Taiwan, about 90% of farmers have used mechanical transplanting. When the rice seedlings grow four to five leaves with a height of about fifteen centimeters, it can be used on mechanical transplanting. The speed of mechanical transplanting is ten times faster than artificial.